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Winchester College, Winchester


School Name: Winchester College, Winchester
Description: Independent boarding school for boys
Acceptance Ages: 13+


Winchester College is an independent boarding school for boys situated in Winchester, Hampshire. Founded in 1382 and considered the oldest of the original nine English public schools defined by the Clarendon Commission.

In Year 9, pupils study Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French or German, Geography and Latin, along with one of the following: Ancient Greek, Spanish, Russian or Chinese, and a choice of two subjects from Art, Design and Music.

The wide range of Clubs and Societies includes Biology Society, Chemistry Society, Geography Society, History Society, Mathematics Society, Ramsey Society (Economics), Science Society, Theology and Philosophy, William Empson Society (Literary), Debating Society and Model United Nations.

In line with the motto Manners Makyth Man, the school promotes good manners and kindness within its diverse community. Confidence in one’s own individuality and ability is strongly encouraged, with the freedom to be creative and develop a lasting love of learning in both academic and extra-curricular areas.

Open Events for Winchester College 13 plus (13+) Entry

Open Days events which include a tour of the school, a visit to a boarding house, as well as talks from the Headmaster, senior staff members and current pupils. A chance to experience some of the many academic and extracurricular activities on offer. Booking is necessary via an online form.

The school also holds Registrar’s Tours, allowing visitors to fully explore the boarding houses which are set in the Summer Term of Year 4.

Winchester College 13 Plus (13+) Admissions

The admissions process consists of several stages. In Stage 1, following the visit to the school, applicants are expected to complete and return a registration form with the indication of the choice of house and a non-refundable fee of £375.

Stage 2 consists of an assessment that applicants will sit in October/November of Year 6. Successful applicants will be invited back for an interview between January and March of Year 6. The results will be posted in April.

To accept a place, you will be expected to pay an Entrance Fee of £500 and sign and return a Parent Contract.

In Stage 3, applicants will sit either Election or Winchester Entrance examination in April or May of Year 8. By June of Year 8, places will be confirmed, and the school will expect successful applicant’s attendance at the New Men’s Day event.

Music and Sport are an integral part of life at Winchester College, thus boys with an exceptional musical or sporting talent are encouraged to apply for a scholarship.

Winchester offers two main types of awards in the area of Music:

  • a Scholarship – providing free tuition in two instruments (including singing)
  • an Exhibition – providing free tuition in one instrument

Unlike Bursaries, Music and Sports Scholarships don’t carry a remission on school fees. Bursaries are offered to families who can’t afford to pay the fees, and are hence means-tested, reflecting individual circumstances. These awards range from 5% to 100% of the school fee, and for those who obtain the largest bursaries, additional support for a laptop, books, exam fees or trips is made available.

If you are in a need of bursarial support, you should submit a Bursary Application Form, which requests details of:

  • family circumstances
  • your finances, including income & expenditure and assets & liabilities
  • the level of support required, the reasons for applying and the measures you’ve taken to find alternative sources of funding.

For more information, please reach out to the school.

Winchester College 13 Plus (13+) Pre-Assessment Format

The Winchester College 13+ pre-assessment consists of:

  • ISEB Common Pretest

The ISEB Pretest evaluates ability in skills such as numeracy, problem solving and vocabulary, with emphasis on how they think and how they respond to the curriculum. The test includes modules testing Mathematics, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

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