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We learn by doing



We started myexampapers to help alleviate some of the stress of entrance exams.


1000’s of hours later, here’s what we’ve come up with.



Preparation is key

Familiarity with the exam board and subject requirements of your target schools is vital.

Not sure where to start? Search our comprehensive summaries, or contact the admissions department of your target schools for guidance.


Learn by doing

We understand diving into exam papers can be daunting for children. As a result, we have designed captivating courses which take students on an exciting journey through all they need to know. We're proud of helping talented children, originally struggling, to achieve scholarships to the best schools in the country.


Mark Schemes & Guided Tutorial Videos 

We've filtered through the hundreds of sample papers and chosen the most effective. After making a purchase, all exams are in your Dashboard, along with examiner made mark schemes and engaging tutorials explaining every answer.


Carefully curated exam papers

Problem: For years, parents have relied on textbooks for entrance exams. Unfortunately, these books are made to follow the national curriculum, when in fact the most selective, competitive schools stretch students far beyond this.

Solution: Our team of teachers, examiners and students who have successfully gained admissions places, have worked together to produce interesting and challenging exams; highly accurate and well researched.


How can myexampapers help?

Our goal is to empower children and parents. We have created this platform, after our courses and exams have worked wonders in real life. All resources are available immediately after purchase, with unlimited access to video tutorials and mark schemes.

We’ve done the research, so you can focus on learning!


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