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St. Mary’s School Cambridge


School Name: St. Mary’s School Cambridge
Description: Independent Catholic School for Girls
Acceptance Ages: 11+


Founded in 1898, St Mary’s School Cambridge is an independent Catholic school for girls. The school is located close to Cambridge City Centre that occupies two site and near to the city’s facilities and amenities. Educates around 400 senior school pupils that provides day and boarding programmes to students in Year 7 and above and about 20% of senior pupils choose to board at the school.

How to Apply for Year 7 (11 plus) Entry to St Mary’s School Cambridge

Prior to registering with St Mary’s, the school recommends parents and potential students to book a tour to witness its facilities and have a chance to meet the Head and other staff members. To book an individual appointment, parents must email the school’s admissions officer via, and/or call with the details, 01223 224167.

The school also hosts Open Days, Taster Workshops, and Action Days throughout the year. Details and information on the mentioned events can be found on the school website.All students who have the interest to attend St. Mary’s School, Cambridge must be registered well in advance. Parents have the option in completing the registration form, it may be online or download a printed version to submit by post or email. Application fee of £75 is then payable at the time of registration.

The application process at St Mary’s starts at least a year prior to the Year 7 date of entry. Later applications are accepted as long as there are places available at the school. For cases that there are more applicants than places, the school offers a waiting list option.
For more information and details on the admissions process, please visit the school’s admissions booklet.
Registered applicants for 11 plus place are invited for a pre-assessment test prior to a formal assessment day.

The St Mary’s School Cambridge 11 plus entry CAT4 Assessment

St Mary’s School Cambridge utilizes the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) for Year 7 entry. The assessment tests students’ reasoning skills that focus on verbal, quantitative and spatial reasoning.

The St Mary’s school website outlined the CAT assessment of the reasoning with words in the verbal battery, reasoning with numbers in the quantitative battery and reasoning with shapes and figures in the non-verbal battery.

The school has one formal assessment day per year, although it does offer students the opportunity to take the CAT at other times of the year.

St Mary’s School Cambridge Admissions Criteria

St. Mary’s aims to identify students who will actively immerse themselves in different school’s ethos on top of the student’s academic potential. Added to the CAT, the school will interview prospective students with reference from their current school. St Mary’s is looking for students who have a desire to learn and take part in the many extra-curricular activities on offer.

Once a place has been accepted at St Mary’s, a payable deposit of £500 must be paid but is refundable. The payable deposit is paid on top of the school fees and will be refunded at the end of the student’s time at the school.

For more details and information on the admissions process at St Mary’s School Cambridge, please email or call to the following details;, or telephone 01223 224167.

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