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St Albans High School for Girls


School Name: St. Albans High School for Girls
Description: Girls’ Independent Day School
Acceptance Ages: 11+


St. Albans High School for Girls is an independent day school for girls aged 4–18. The school was founded in 1889 and the senior school has been at its current site, located in the heart of historic St. Albans, since 1908. The prep school is located in a neighbouring village, just 3 miles away.

‘Scholarship, Adventure and Integrity’ is the school’s values and, at Key Stage 3, it offers a large range of co-curricular opportunities, including access to 37 different sports, alongside a broad academic curriculum. Girls are encouraged to refine their own individual programmes of study as they progress through the key stage, ahead of making their GCSE selections.

All aspects of the senior school were rated ‘excellent’ by the ISI in their latest report (2017) and, in the most recent GCSE examinations, 98% of the school’s entries achieved grades B–A*.

St. Albans High School for Girls 11 Plus Admissions

St. Albans High School for Girls is academically selective. Acceptance is based on performance in the ISEB Common Pretest, English paper and interview.

The entrance exam will be in early January and successful applicants are invited back for interviews at the end of the month. The interview process includes participation in individual and group meetings that includes discussions and practical challenges.

Together, the exam and interviews are deliberated to assess skills like problem solving, mental ability, creativity and communication, as well as factual knowledge.

A report from the applicant’s current school will be requested to help with the selection process. Offers of places are made in early February and the acceptance deadline is at the beginning of March.

A copy of full admissions policy of St. Albans High School for Girls’ is available on its website.

Academic scholarships may be offered based on the performance in the entrance examinations and interviews. Scholarships in music, art / design, drama and sports are also available. Details of scholarships and how to apply are available on the school’s website.

For further information on St. Albans High School for Girls’ admissions process, please contact the admissions office: or 01727 792509.

How to Apply for 11 Plus Entry to St. Albans High School for Girls

‘Snapshot’ sessions, which give the chance to experience a typical day at the senior school, are held in November. Booking can be made via an online form. Other open events are held throughout the year and are published on the school’s website.

Registration for Year 7 entry to St. Albans High School for Girls, please complete the registration form and pay a £100 registration fee. Registration deadline will be in November, but it is encouraged to register before September to be included in the Registrar’s annual mailing about open days and examination dates.

St. Albans High School for Girls 11 Plus Entrance Exam Format

The entrance exam for St. Albans High School for Girls consist of:

  • ISEB Common Pretest
  • English – writing task

The pretest evaluates skills in Mathematics, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The English paper is a composition task that will be marked according to creative thinking, originality, accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar.

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