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Sevenoaks School


School Name: Sevenoaks School
Description: Co-education
Acceptance Ages: 11+ and 13+


  • Contact Information:
    • General Enquiries:
      • Telephone: 1732 455133
      • Email:
    • Admissions:
      • Telephone: 1732 467703
      • Email:
  • Total Number of Students in School: 1000
  • Number of Places available:
    • For 11+: Up to 80 children are admitted at this age.
    • For 13+: 85-90 Places
  • Open Days:

  • Closing Date for 11+ Application: The closing date for applications is 1 September 2020
  • Exam Provider: Sevenoaks School
  • ISI Report: ISI Report | Sevenoaks School, London

Sevenoaks School 11+ Exam Dates

  • Closing date for 2021 applications: 1st of September 2020
  • Reports requested from candidates’ schools: October 2020
  • Year 7 Music Scholarship auditions: Week commencing will be on the 2nd of November 2020
  • Year 7 Entrance Examination and Interview: 6th of January 2021
  • Year 7 Results sent out by email to parents and schools: Mid February 2021
  • Post offer Open Day for offer-holders only: 27th of February 2021

Sevenoaks School 11+ Exam Styles

Admission to Year 7 (11+) application should be made one year prior to entry with the competitive examination in Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning, a group interview, and a report from an applicant’s previous school.

Sevenoaks School 13+ For 2021 Entry Exam Dates

Please note that due to Covid-19 the timetable for entry to Year 9 in September 2021 has changed. Results for the first round of assessment will be emailed to parents by the end of September, while the results for the final round will be emailed by the end of October 2020.

  • Academic Scholarship Examinations: May 2021
  • Common Entrance for those pupils who attend schools which offer this: June 2021

Sevenoaks School 13+ For 2022 Entry Exam Dates

  • Closing date for 2022 applications: 1st of October 2020
  • Reports requested from candidates’ schools: February 2021
  • Year 9 Entrance Examination: 20th of April 2021
  • Year 9 Entrance Examination decisions are sent to parents and schools: June 2021
  • Academic Scholarship Examinations: May 2022
  • Common Entrance: June 2022

Sevenoaks School 13+ Exam Styles

The entrance assessment will be in the April of Year 7. All applicants will take an English and a Mathematics Test (past papers are available here), a Verbal Reasoning Test, and they take part in a 40-minute group interview and reference report will be requested from applicants school. Unconditional offers are made in the June of Year 7 for those who have performed particularly well in the entrance tests are invited to take part in academic scholarship exams in the May of Year 8. Those candidates who are at a UK prep school are asked to aim for an average of 70% in their Common Entrance if they are not taking the scholarship exams; the results are used for setting purposes.

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