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Northwood College for Girls


School Name:Notting Hill and Ealing High School
Description: Independent Day School for Girls
Acceptance Ages: 11+


Due to Covid, Northwood College changed their admissions process for Year 7 Entry which Cognitive Abilities Test will be replaced by an online test called the ISEB Common Pretest.
Pretest will be taken by applicants at their current school on or prior to January 11th. However, those who cannot take the test at their current school will be tested at Northwood College on either November 26th or December 5th.
The school will consider the quality of current-school references and the applicant’s performance during an interview.

Northwood College for Girls | The Assessment: ISEB Common Pre-test

Application in Year 7, must complete an online assessment called the ISEB Common Pretest, which evaluates the skills in Mathematics, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Here’s a brief introduction to the subjects covered in this online exam:


ISEB Pretest in English evaluates comprehension, sentence completion, spelling and punctuation.


ISEB Pretest in Mathematics evaluates mathematical ability across the curriculum, including arithmetic and problem solving.

Verbal Reasoning

ISEB Pretest in Verbal Reasoning evaluates thinking and problem solving with words.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

ISEB Pretest in Non-Verbal Reasoning evaluates thinking with shapes, space, diagrams and pictures.
The examination will last approximately 2 and a half hours. Duration of each section are as follows:
– English – 25 minutes
– Maths – 50 minutes
– Verbal reasoning – 36 minutes
– Non-Verbal reasoning – 32 minutes

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