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North London Collegiate School (NLCS)


School Name: North London Collegiate School (NLCS)
Description: Girls, Day School
Acceptance Ages: 7+ (Junior School) and 11+


North London Collegiate Junior School shares the same beautiful campus and some facilities of the main school but has its own specific teaching spaces and laboratories which includes: science labs, ICT suite and well-stocked library, to name but a few.

Opportunities to try innovation and creativity abound. The extracurricular club list is highlighted from Mandarin and Theatre Design to Swing Dance and the very eccentric Change Your Mind Club – billed as the club for girls who are passionate in discussion and debate! Upon entering Year 3, all girls learn to play chess.

Girls are motivated to perform with excellence in every task and challenge themselves. Class positions are made private which approach felt by the school to bring out the best in its pupils.

North London Collegiate School (NLCS) 7 Plus (7+) Admissions

North London Collegiate School has a minimum entry at 7+ which is about 8 to 10 girls. Their main points of entry are at 4+ which has 40 girls and 11+ which is 60 girls for the main school.

Application and Registration

Deadline for the registration for NLCS 7+ entry is in November and can be done online by Clicking here


Parents who consider applying their children for North London Collegiate at 7 Plus are invited to visit the school. All visits must be booked earlier as sits fill up fast! Visit dates for autumn will be available and be posted at the start of the Autumn Term, so keep updated by their website by clicking the link here.

When the dates for 7+ visits have been posted, you may book your place by calling the Junior School on 020 8952 1276.

North London Collegiate hosts a special ‘Action Mornings’, which give parents the opportunity to tour around the Junior School whilst lessons are in progress. These events will have a chance to hear a talk from the Head of the Junior School about the admissions process. Present pupils will act as guides – always a good sign when a school is willing to give you approach to their pupils.

Taster Mornings are opened in the Autumn Term to prospective 7+ girls who are due to enter the school the following September. These events include two taster lessons and break time for the girls; parents will attend Action Mornings only.

Open Day

An annual Open Day will be held in the Autumn Term in September. Bookings are not necessary for this kind of event.

This event will provide a great chance for family visits, enabling parents and daughters to visit together. The school creates a unique ‘Junior School Trail’ for families to follow and experience various activities and visit the classrooms used for the 7 plus assessments. Everything is done in the purpose to let the visiting families at ease.

North London Collegiate School (NLCS) 7 Plus (7+) Exam Format

First stage of the entry process to NLCS at 7+ comprises of written tests in:

  • English
  • Mathematics

Shortlisted 7 plus candidates are then notified and invited for a small group interview and a lesson. From these shortlisted candidates, final selection will be made. Positive marking means marks that a candidate is capable of doing, rather than taken away for what she cannot do. Age is well taken care of as we consider those who are in their age bracket or may be younger.

  • In English tests, applicants are expected to be able to write an imaginative story using full sentences, accurate punctuation and interesting vocabulary; able to read fluently and with understanding; and be able to answer comprehension questions in full written sentences.
  • In Mathematics tests, applicants must have an understanding of the following: addition, subtraction, multiplication and ‘sharing’/division and be able to apply these concepts to word problems; know their 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables; and have a basic understanding of time, money and block graphs.

Candidates who perform well in the NLCS 7+ exams will be notified to experience a day at the school, where they will be taught in a class environment and get to experience a real day at NLCS.


North London Collegiate School
(NLCS) aims to develop confidence and aspiration in a warm and safe environment, encouraging pupils to be resilient and ‘bounce back’ when encountered with challenges or disappointments – in other words, a sense of ‘grit’ and determination.

It enjoys a beautiful setting, situated in 30 acres of parkland that combines rural beauty with the convenience of proximity to London. Facilities are first class that include a performing arts centre and dance studio, dedicated music building and drawing school. Sport is played to a high level with girls representing at both county and national level.

North London Collegiate School 11 plus (11+) exam for Year 7 entry

Entry Level Eleven Plus (11+) exam
School Name North London Collegiate School (NLCS)
Description Girls; Day School
Acceptance Ages: 11+
Address North London Collegiate School, Canons, Canons Drive, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 7RJ

Admissions Process for North London Collegiate (NLCS) School Eleven Plus (11+) for Year 7 entry

There are approximately 60 places available for 11+ admission to North London Collegiate School (NLCS). The school is looking for girls who exceed in academic ability and potential while contributing positively to school life through their motivation, intellectual curiosity and willingness to try new things.

Open Days

NLCS recommends that all girls applying for an 11+ place attend a ‘Taster Morning’ held in the Autumn term. An event which gives the opportunity to witness life at North London Collegiate School for the morning and participate in activities in different subjects.

Taster Morning sessions are only made for girls taking the 11+ entrance exam for Year 7 entry in the next academic year, as they will be participating in school year group appropriate lessons.

The Headmistress will also give a talk to parents with the assistance of a panel of staff and current students to answer questions. Parents will be given a guided tour whilst the girls are enjoying their taster lessons.

Interest in attending a taster session must complete the registration online available on the school’s website.

Open afternoons are available for those families looking further ahead. These events are designed to give prospective families information about NLCS and their admissions process. Again, you should register your interest in an open afternoon, by completing this online form


Registration is open from June to November of the preceding year of entry. Check herefor latest dates and deadlines.

Entrance Exams

11+ girls will be required to take papers in Mathematics for 1 hr and 15 mins; whilst English is for 1 hr and 20 mins – including comprehension and two writing exercises.

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