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Highgate School


School Name: Highgate Junior School
Description: Co-ed, day
Acceptance Ages: 7+, and 11+


Recently opened new classrooms, science labs, DT and ICT rooms and school hall makes this an exceptional well-endowed school, situated near in the spacious ground of Hampstead Heath in North London. Excellent academic results and sporting prowess, music, drama and the creative arts plays a big part here: its amphitheatre and literary garden being a testament!

The Junior School is linked to the Senior School where most of the children automatically transfer to at age 11. Choosing Highgate, is looking at a co-ed option that can take your child until 18.

Highgate Junior School 7 Plus (7+) Admissions


There will be approximately 70 new pupils who will be admitted to join an existing 30 pupils who come from Highgate Pre-Preparatory School. It is assumed that there will be 300 children who will apply for entry at 7+.


Registration starts from the end of Year 1 until the deadline in the autumn term prior to the year of entry. Deadline for registration is in November.

Registration fee: £150

Click this link to download the application form.

Open Days/Visits

All parents having interest in Highgate for 7+ entry – but who have not successfully registered – are invited for the school’s open morning in September. Children are also welcome.

  • On that day of the event, you will have the chance to meet current pupils, teachers, take a tour of the school and participate in some activities!
  • You will be hearing a talk from the head and the principal throughout the morning starting at 9.30am.
  • It is important to book your place starting by September by emailing with the details you need to provide with; name of child, date of birth, current school, home address and telephone number.

Note: If you have successfully registered, you will be sent an invitation from the school separately to attend an open morning.

Highgate Junior School 7 Plus (7+) Exam Format

Entrance examination for Highgate Junior School 7 plus entry will be in December. Boys and girls will sit papers includes:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning.

The duration of the examination is approximately three hours. The school will call those that are considered as ‘significant proportion of candidates’ for a group interview.

  • English paper consists of a written comprehension and a short creative story. (Last year’s paper, applicants were given a prompt three pictures – a teddy, a key and a ring. In the comprehension piece, applicants were given a story about a chicken who laid golden coins, and it could be from a different genre that is varied enough.

11 Plus Exam Information for Highgate School


Address: Highgate School, North Road, London, N6 4AY
County: Greater London
Admissions info: or 020 8347 3564
School Type: Co-educational independent day school
Number of Pupils: 1600 (approx.)
Number of Places in Year 7: 90 (approx.)
Open Day Date: September
Exam Date: December of Year 6
Exam Type / Board: School’s own

Highgate School 11 Plus Admissions

Highgate School is academically selective. The school selects those who are academically able individuals that will also contribute to the extra-curricular aspects of school life. All applicants sit tests in English, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning in December prior to the year of entry. Applicants report is obtained from their current school to help with decision-making.

Based on the results and report, a significant number of candidates are invited again for an interview in the following January. Successful candidates will be interviewed in small groups by a team of staff, Candidates are interviewed in small groups by a team of staff, to determine a range of characteristics in interpersonal skills and problem-solving ability.

All successful applicants who accepted a place are encouraged to attend an induction afternoon in June and to proceed to an activity centre for a day of team-building before the beginning of term.

Complete admission policies are available for download from the Highgate School’s website.

How to Apply for 11 Plus Entry to Highgate School

Highgate School will host open mornings and evenings throughout the year, which will give an opportunity for the prospective applicants with their parents to take a tour in the school and meet the current pupils and the Head Teacher. A specific schedule for open day for 11+ entry is in September every year. Booking is necessary and handled by admissions department:

An applicant to be registered for 11+ entry into Year 7 at Highgate School, complete the application form and pay an application fee of £150 (£300 for foreign applicant). Deadline for the applications is at the beginning of November prior to the year of entry, but it is highly recommended to apply before the end of Year 5.

A range of means-tested bursaries are available. Once the school has the chance to capture pupil’s work, honorary scholarships are awarded at 11+ but not until towards the end of Year 7.

Highgate School 11 Plus Exam Format

All candidates are required to sit papers in English, Mathematics and Non-Verbal reasoning.

  • English paper that includes test reading comprehension, analysis and creative writing skills which is one of the requirements of the national Curriculum Key Stage 2 Programme of Study. Technical knowledge of grammar, spelling and vocabulary is essential.
  • Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning papers focused on problem solving and reasoning in accordance to their age level.

List of skills with sample English and Mathematics test and criteria details for 11+ entry are available for download from ‘11+ Information’ page on the school’s website.

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